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What should I wear?

- Decent footwear like walking boots (Definitely not trainers or flip flops!).

- Old clothes you don't mind getting dirty (Camo overalls provided depending on your purchased package).

Can I bring my own mask?

For Airsoft, most people who play airsoft have their own eye and face protection, so feel free to bring your own.

With paintball, we recommend you wear our full face masks or have purchased a decent paintball mask. You won't be allowed to play paintball without protecting your entire face. 

Are there any age limits?

Yes, our lower age limit starts at 11. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and all players will sign a disclaimer before the day starts. 

We have no upper age limit.

What if Ihave dietry requirements?

Not a problem, when you ring to book for your day, please let us know if you have any dietry requirements.

Will it hurt if I get shot?

Yes and no... Paint balls can pack a punch, but will hurt less if you dress apppriately. 

Airsoft BBs can sting on bare skin but through clothing it will feel like a 'strong' flick. 

Can I bring my own BBs?

Yes but we do however, require that your BBs are biodegradable. - We do provide .20g to purchase on site so you'll never be short of ammo. 

What are the FPS Limits on site for Airsoft?

Fully Automatic weapons: 350fps
Sniper/Bolt Action Rifles:
Nothing bigger than MK9s

Haven't answered your questions?

Go to the contacts page and drop us a message, give us a call or get in touch via Facebook.