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Site Rules

On the day of your visit, you'll be given a safety briefing along with the rules or parameters of the games and scenarios.
Below are a few basic rules that we kindaly ask you to adhere to, ensuring the safety of all those taking part on the day. 

Safety glasses/Paintball mask must be warn at all times during games! You will be told before and after games when to take them off. Anyone caught without eye protection on a game will be pulled out and possibly suspended for the rest of the day.
If you do need to take them off for any reason, go directly to a marshal who will escort you to a safe zone.

A hit counts as anywhere on the body. When hit you are to shout "HIT!" and stick you hand in the air to avoid being hit again. Then make your way to the safety area designated at the start of the game. 

Point Blank - Granted this can happen by accident due to being startled, however,  DO NOT FIRE POINT BLANK AT ANYONE AS THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.